The Beginning
MediAllied Synergy Sdn Bhd was established in 2004 as an outsourcing and administration partner providing consultation, resources and expertise to organisations seeking to manage daily business processes and market changes that directly and indirectly affect the organisation, its employees and business partners.

Our Aim
As premier partners to organisations, we provide value added services and adopt a broad consultative approach to helping improve efficiency of total business processes by wayof assessment and analysis of several focused areas including but not limited to Insurance and General Risk Management, Human Resources, Employee Benefit Structure, Systems Design and Administration.

Our experienced and professional teams deliver quality advice, timely solutions, and reliable administration and support to ensure organisations that we assist can remain focused on the core business at hand.

We have successfully implemented and continue to support organizations across a wide spectrum of disciplines including those involved in oil and gas, aviation and automotive industries, maritime and shipping, construction and consultation, energy and manufacturing, electronics and information technology, advertising and marketing, to hospitality and tourism sector, to name a few.

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